Add a membership area to your site in minutes

Easiest way to add protected content and membership areas to your website. No programming skills necessary!

Setup in minutes

Our guided setup process makes creating a membership area a breeze.

Let memberDash walk you through the process of setting up your protected areas. Simply add the memberDash header code and connect your Stripe account. Create recurring, non-recurring, and free membership plans. You can also offer free trials and coupon codes. Then you can choose to create server side protected pages hosted by memberDash with our easy to use page builder, or protect existing pages on your website with our javascript widget.

Extend the power of easy to use site builders

Add memberDash to your existing Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress, Webflow, static html site, and more...

Comprehensive Membership Dashboard

View all your membership metrics in one easy to manage place.

Manage users, plans, and payments

MemberDash makes it easy to check in on how many sign ups and payments you've had over various periods. With a few clicks you can change a users plan, password or profile details. MemberDash can serve as your membership CMS allowing you to create protected pages, courses, lessons, file downloads, and much more. You can also export your users data at any time.

Create custom data fields

Collect information from your users when they register for your site. MemberDash makes it easy to create various custom field types and stores the data in your users profile.

Take your membership platform anywhere

Redesign your website or change site builders all without missing a step because your memberDash platform can go anywhere just by adding the code snippet in your header.

Easy to customize

Change the look and feel of your membership area by switching between our different theme options and modify colors to match your website.

Start collecting payments now

Adding a registration form to your site is as simple as changing the link on a button.

With memberDash installed all you need to do is add a registration, login, or content link and users will have access to your membership content without ever being redirected away from your site.

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