How it Works

No matter where you host your website add a membership platform with these easy steps.


Install the memberDash header code.

Copy and paste your memberDash header code snippet into your websites header. If you have ever installed Google Analytics or a similar app then you should be familiar with the process.


Connect your Stripe account

MemberDash uses Stripe to process payments and handle all of your customers billing information. Stripe is a secure payment processor used by thousands of websites around the world. MemberDash connects to your Stripe account with one click.


Create your membership plans

Whether you need a recurring or non-recurring membership you can easily set up the plan in your memberDash dashboard. You can set up custom billing periods, offer free trial periods, and free plans.


Add a purchase link on your websites

MemberDash is integrated instantly to your website. When a user clicks on a memberDash link on your site they are taken directly to the content as if they never left your website. Creating a seamless and fluid user experience.

Then just add your content

Use your sites content manager

You can protect existing content on your site by adding the pages url to your memberDash dashboard as a protected url.

Use memberDash content pages

Build protected pages in your memberDash dashboard. This is the most secure way to add protected content to your site. Use our page builder to create great looking membership protected content that fits seamlessly into your website.

Use memberDash to create courses

You can create courses and lessons in your memberDash dashboard to add membership protected e-learning content to your website.

Still have questions?